Makeup Trial Mastery: What to take with you

Makeup Trial Checklist

Take these items with you to the trial:

  • your foundation (artists won’t have the perfect one and you do!)
  • any other makeup teams that you insist on using
  • bindis/chandlo for your forehead (if you’re wearing them)
  • dupatta(s)
  • tikka/jhoomar
  • earrings
  • nath (nosering)
  • necklace(s)
  • blouse(s)
  • hair jewelry/flowers
  • lipstick  (if you want to wear yours)
  • photos/video samples of bridal makeup you like

With these items and you’ll be able to see your whole look.

Take your dupatta with youTake your blouse with youD. Park PhotographyTake your earrings with you 13460-2013-10-04_0027-min

More Makeup To Do’s

1. Clarify responsibilities of who’s bringing the eyelashes, bindi’s for your forehead and other items that day

2. Ask if they have earring backings – some makeup artists have ones that help alleviate the weight of earrings.

3. Take photos from the front and profile views, smiling, and other facial expressions with your and in various lighting – bright to dimmer so you can see what you will look like in various scenarios.

4. You/your coordinator should schedule a reminder to call the makeup artist 1 day before, to confirm that they have the address and are bringing the items you agreed on (eyelashes, forehead bindis, earring backings, lipstick, etc.)

5. This might seem obvious, but don’t forget to add the artist’s contact info in your phone!

D. Park Photography Mamta and Steve

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