Why I didn’t have bridesmaids

Photos courtesy: Lin and Jirsa, D. Park Photography and Grey Card Photography
Bridesmaids at desi weddings is the norm. Still, some brides x-nay on the bridal party. Here’s why:

1. Though it looks gorgeous, it seemed like a lot of work to organize: matching clothes, flowers, grand entrances, photo sessions etc. Desi weddings are time consuming as it is.

Bridesmaids saris were made in India. Mamta made arrangements for all of them to have their hair and sari's done.
Bridesmaids saris were made in India. The bride got gifted each person matching bangles and arranged for their hair and saris to be done.

2. Avoid drama. Who do you include/exclude? Plus people disagree about what colors to wear, deciding on saris, suits or lehengas – keeping everyone happy seemed impossible.

3. Matching outfits seemed like a ‘must’. Expanding our budget to cover the costs wasn’t an option. I didn’t want to ask my friends to pay. (Especially when they’re coming to my bachelorette, bridal shower and giving a wedding gift)

4. I didn’t want to force my friends to buy and wear something they might not like nor wear again.
6264640943_3731b2a8d3_b6. It took 2-3 hours to get ready for the ceremony and another 1.5-2 to get ready for the reception. 

4 Ceremony(46)There wasn’t a lot of time to hang out with my friends that day.Take your dupatta with you to your makeup trialBest advice: Your closest friends will expect to hear from you about this. Let them know about your decision.

Some tested alternatives: 
a. ask friends to wear similar shades of a color

5415574599_3eb7916e0e_b b. Honor closest friends by organizing a lunch/dinner with them
c. Make sure they’re on the photographer’s shot list

6276899626_7c85406705_b d. Give each friend an important responsibility they’d be good at, and recognize them during your speech or at a post wedding thank you party.

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