6 Reasons Every Indian Wedding Should Have a Rehearsal

1. Scheduling Expectations

The panditji kept the ceremony going one hour longer than the allotted time.

2. What to say…and what not to saygiphy

Immediately after officiating a marriage, the panditji told a joke:
A groom, sitting in the mandap right after his wedding, asked why marriage is a bond that lasts 7 lifetimes {as is believed amongst followers of many South Asian cultures and religions}. The panditji responded to his question.
The groom said, “I hope this is the 7th lifetime.”

No joke – this is the joke the panditji told at the end of a wedding ceremony he had just officiated.

3. Arrange translators Chris Tucker gif

The panditji didn’t speak Gujarati. He was officiating a Gujarati wedding and after the ceremony had started, asked someone to join him onstage to translate. A brave soul volunteered, but ceremony verbiage isn’t like everyday spoken language. Needless to say, it didn’t go so well.

4. Decide on language(s)giphy

On the flip side there was a panditji that spoke Hindi, Gujarati, and English. The groom’s side spoke Gujarati and the bride’s side Hindi. So this incredible panditji first spoke in English, then translated everything he said into Hindi and then Gujarati…for the entire ceremony.

5. Chatty guestsgiphy (1)

South Asians are notorious for chatting during weddings. No doubt it’s distracting, rude, and must be very frustrating for the officiant.  Well, one panditji took control of the situation by interrupting the ceremony to yell at the guests.

6. Sort out vowsgiphy (2)

South Asian weddings are rooted in ancient tradition, which means, some aspects don’t translate into modern lifestyles. One bride said no when the panditji asked her to vow to take care of the family’s livestock.  The panditji was taken aback. The guests laughed, and the ceremony became a joke.

All of these weddings had one thing in common:
The ceremony details weren’t discussed with the panditji ahead of time.





Oh no! It rained on my wedding day!

Rainy day