Indian bride dancing at her wedding reception wearing a purple and pink lehenga

11 Indian Wedding Hacks

11  Money-Saving Indian Wedding Day Hacks 

India weddings have so many moving parts that it’s a lot to keep track of.

1. Bring something elegant and bridal, but more comfortable to change into for the after party after your reception. Our community likes to party all night. But being in a heavy gown or lehenga will get really uncomfortable. But you still want to look cute and bridal. Bring an extra anarkali, gown, salwar kameez or dress to change into for the after party.

ProTip: the couple’s suite is a good place for the after party or you can even negotiate that when you’re selecting your wedding venue. 

lehenga hangng of an Indian bride - Gujarati and Bengali for her Indian, Hindu wedding ceremony outdoors in a mandap
Photo: Wedding Documentary

2. Have a beautiful cake, but actually serve from a sheet cake hidden in the kitchen. Some people even make display-only cakes, except for the top tier to cut during the reception.

Indian wedding, Gujarati, Hindu, Tamil, Jain wedding reception in Newport Beach.
Photo: Lin and Jirsa

3. Put heel protectors on to your stilletos.
Indian wedding ceremony
4. Buy additional earring backings that lighten their load (ask your hair/makeup artist). And bring a lightweight set to ‘change into’.

Indian, Jain, Hindu wedding ceremony outdoors in Newport Beach, California. The bride is wearing a red lehenga with matching gold, red, and green jewelry. Putting on her earrings.
Photo: Lin and Jirsa

5. Bring back-up jewelry, in case something breaks.
Real life scenario: A bride {me} was getting ready for her reception and her necklace broke. Luckily she had brought extra matching jewelry sets for each outfit!

Photo: Aaron Eye Photography

6. Bring comfortable, fancy flats/chappals to slip into later in the night. Your feet will thank you!

Indian bride wearing jhoomar, tikka, and payal at her Indian wedding
Photo: Global Photography

7. Don’t start your marriage off hangry! Have your caterer pack food and have someone physically drop it off in your room. The couple rarely gets to eat on their wedding day – too many people waiting to congratulate them! But…they’re starving at the end of the night, and are often the only ones who don’t get to eat the amazing food!

Indian wedding outside catered lunch after the Hindu wedding ceremony, outdoors
Photo: Randery Imagery

8. Have buffer for a few extra seats at the reception. Desis are notorious for not RSVP’ing but attending. Sometimes they bring an extra guest or two that wasn’t accounted for.

Indian wedding ceremony at Hotel Irvine. The pink program match the pink mandap.
Photo: Global Photography

9. If you’re having a back-to-back day with no break in-between the wedding ceremony and cocktail hour-reception, distribute small pouches of nuts-chocolates-dry fruit on each chair, for guests to enjoy during the ceremony. It’s inexpensive, venues don’t charge extra for this and your guests will appreciate it.

Chiavari chairs setup for an Indian, Hindu, wedding ceremony outsoors
Photo: Wedding Documentary Photo + Cinema

10. Have your friends text you photos/videos from the baraat while it’s happening.
Real life scenario: The bride couldn’t see the baraat from her waiting room and it made her day even more amazing to receive to see what was happening, while it was happening.

Indian, Gujarati and Tamil, Jain and Hindu, wedding ceremony. The groom wearing a sherwani and sera, riding in a convertible arriving to the mandap with the baraat.
Photo: Lin and Jirsa

11. Know where the closest Indian grocery store is in case you need to run out for an item for the ceremony.
Real life scenario: the bride’s mom forgot to pack the thalis and all of the items needed for the ceremony…and the venue was 2 hours from their house.

Pooja thali for the Grihshanti pooja the day before a Gujarati Hindu wedding ceremony
Photo: Lin and Jirsa

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