Bucket List Item: Attend an Indian Wedding

I went to a party recently and a Caucasian couple told me “attend an Indian wedding” is an item on their bucket list.
I was reminded of how fortunate we are to have these beautiful traditions and how much they’ve been embraced around the globe.

It’s pretty cool when you stop and think about dancing in a baraat…with a horse…witnessing a beautiful South Asian ceremony…savoring delicious desi food…in the middle of Newport Beach, Fort Wayne, New York, Toronto or Chicago, and everywhere else around the globe.

Here’s a compilation of photos from some of the weddings featured on ShaadiShop. Hope you enjoy it as you give thanks this holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Elephant baraat at an Indian Hindu wedding ceremony

Indian wedding at Hotel Irvine with vegetarian catered Indian food. sherwani-groom-Indian-wedding-dulha-baraat-Aaron-Eye-Photography-Newport-Beach_Marriott

Photo: Greycard Photography
Photo: Greycard Photography
4 Ceremony(145)
Photo: Greycard Photography
4 Ceremony(139)
Photo: Greycard Photography

Pavana and Rohit 066 Reena and Kapil Chandni and Krunal: Randery Imagery Jain_Valderrama_D_Park_Photography_hyattregencyorangecountyindianwedding0081_low Jain_Valderrama_D_Park_Photography_hyattregencyorangecountyindianwedding0023_low

The bride sharing an emotiional moment with her mother
The bride sharing an emotiional moment with her mother
Kanika and Atman
Photo: Global Photography

Red more about how so many identical saris were arranged, in the blog post.

Harvard Photography
Photo: Harvard Photography

What a gorgeous mandap with an ocean view ceremony. And a stunning golden Ganesh.

Extravagant Indian wedding with a custom-made 9 foot wedding cake used in the ballroom after the Hindu wedding ceremony.
9 foot wedding cake. Photo: Payal Photo & Video
Photo: Braja Mandala
Photo: Sameer Soorma
Photo: Greycard Photography

The Garden Court at the InterContinental hotel where the Indian, Hindu, wedding ceremony took place.
Photo: VEK Photo

Photo: IQ Photo
Photo: IQ Photo
Photo: IQ Photo


Photo: Cling & Peck
Photo: Cling & Peck
Photo: Hiram Trillo Art Photography
Photo: Hiram Trillo Art Photography
Photo: Brellow Productions

Photo: Samson Productions
Photo: Samson Productions

Photo: IQ Photo

01_32_D_S_0032 11211543_10153314881532028_843566618_o Chandni and Krunal: Randery Imagery

Bridesmaids gifts distributed before the wedding ceremony.
Photo: Lin and Jirsa

Thank you note at an Indian wedding placed at each place seating
Happy Thanksgiving!

Randery Imagery
Lin & Jirsa
Greycard Photography
Aaron Eye Photo and Video
Samson Productions
Brellow Productions
Braja Mandala
IQ Photo
D. Park Photography
The Youngrens
Cling & Peck
Hiram Trillo Art Photography
VEK Photo
Sameer Soorma Productions
Payal Photo & Video


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