Pink and Purple mandap setup on a beach for an outdoor Hindu wedding ceremony

Mandap Tips for Tight Schedules

The wedding day at South Asian weddings is particularly long and often on a tight schedule. Setting up and tearing down a mandap takes a fair amount of time. To save time these brides decided not to tear it down. This is a great way to integrate the mandap into the decor throughout the day.

Limited time to ‘flip’ the room.

This couple’s wedding day went from the ceremony, right into cocktail hour and then the reception. They used the same room for the ceremony and the reception so the cocktail hour was the only time to ‘flip’ the room from a ceremony setup to a reception setup. Instead of tearing down the mandap, they used it as a background to display their cake (see below).

Indian, Hindu, wedding ceremony indoors.

Indian wedding reception. The bride and groom's beautiful cake after the Hindu wedding ceremony.
What a great way to use the mandap for multiple purposes and integrate it into the decor throughout the day.

Weddings with two ceremonies, back-to-back, in the same room.

This couple had two ceremonies – back-to-back. They did the Hindu ceremony first and kept the mandap up for the Christian ceremony. You’ll see they did change the drapery in the mandap for the two ceremonies. It’s a lovely background and a great way to mesh their two cultures.

Bride and groom leaving the mandap and groom leaving the mandap after their Indian, Hindu, Bengali wedding ceremony. The groom is wearing the Bengali topor headress and the bride in her traditional sari. Great wedding featured on ShaadiShop showing their Indian wedding venue.
Bride and groom at their Chridtian wedding ceremony following the Indian, Hindu, Bengali wedding ceremony.
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Indian, Bengali, Hindu wedding indoors in Pittsburgh. The bride is Bengali and the groom non-Indian Christian. They did two ceremonies at one venue.

Bride and groom at their Indian wedding ceremony. Their photoshoot was outdoors and the ceremony was indoors.