Bridesmaids huddlling for a photo session before the Hindu wedding ceremony starts

Guide to Coordinate Bridesmaids Accessories

At weddings details make all the difference. When it comes to coordinating the bridal party there are several details to consider:

  • outfit style: sari, lehenga, salwar, chudidar, gowns etc.
  • tying styles (saris, dupattas)
  • blouse styles and cuts – sleeves vs. sleeveless and cuts – sweetheart, v-neck, scoop, halter, one shoulder etc.
  • bridesmaids hair styles – updo, half up/half down, curled vs. straight
  • bridesmaids jewelry – get identical sets for each bridesmaid? or give general instructions i.e. ask everyone to wear jewelry but bring their own.
  • bridesmaids shoes – let bridesmaids decide? or provide general instruction on color?
  • bridesmaids bouquets – yes/no? if yes, identical bouquets?
  • bridesmaids bindis (if applicable) – not hard to do, but one more thing to think about/coordinate.

As if you don’t have enough on your plate, you’re probably considering each bridemaids’ preferences on all of these factors too! So what do you do? Prioritize. Decide what factors are important, rank order them and spend time/energy on each accordingly. Is it important for EVERYTHING to be identical? For most, the answer is no.

Some things are more impactful than others. i.e. what’s more important – coordinating hairstyles or necklaces?
identical bouquets vs. bangles? tying the outfits the same way? Use this guide to make these decisions for your wedding.

We created this guide because these details can take up a lot of time. Our hope is that by listing out the decision factors and showing examples below, you can make satisfactory decisions faster.

Below are some photos of bridal parties. We’ve pointed out what’s identically coordinated and what’s not.

Photo: D. Park Photography

Above: Notice their saris are all tied in one style. There are over 100 ways to tie a sari – we suggest you find one and stick to it for all bridesmaids. Also, notice, most – but not all of them – have their hair up and most of them are wearing identical chudiyan (bangles). Most of the blouses are sleeveless.

India wedding bridal party. The bride wearing her pink lehenga and the bridesmaids wearing blue saris.
Photo: Global Photography

Above: See the matching gold border between the bridesmaids saris and the bride’s lehenga. Also notice – all the bridesmaids have their hair up. They’re wearing matching chudiyan (bangles) but their own varying earrings.

Indian bride with her bridesmaids wearing lehega designed and made by the bride in Mumbai.
Photo: Lin and Jirsa

Above: the bridesmaids are all wearing matching hair jewelry and a similar style to the bride’s hair piece as well. Also, all of the bridesmaids have their hair half-up/half-down and curled. They’re wearing varying styles and quantities of chudiyan (bangles) or not none at all.

AH-Richard-Nixon-Library-bridesmaids saris-Azhar-Heena
Photo: Lin and Jirsa

Above: They’re holding matching bouquets. Notice some blouses have sleeves.

Indian bride with her bridesmaids in Long Beach, CA
Photo: Samson Productions

Above: All of the bridesmaids have all or half of the their hair down. They’re wearing varying quantities and styles of chudiyan.

Photo: Kathy Blanchard

Above: Each bridesmaid is wearing a sari. Each sari has an element of blue in it. Notice, the saris are tied in varying styles. They’re all wearing their hair up.

The briadl party at an Indian wedding posing for a photo with everyone wearing sunglasses
Photo: Payal Photo & Video

Above: A couple bridesmaids are wearing gowns instead of saris.This is a great way to ensure each bridesmaid is comfortable. We like the matching sunglasses for the bridesmaids and separate but matching shades the groomsmen are wearing too! Some bridesmaids have their hair fully up, half up or all down with varying chudiyan (bangles) and jewelry.

legs of bridesmaids wearing matching pink closed-toe heels
Above: Matching stilettos are so cute! But practical for a desi wedding? The heels in this photo make an impact because their dresses are short enough to see them. If the bridesmaids are going to wear layered anarkalis or chudidar’s, matching shoes will look great. If bridesmaids are going to be in saris or lehengas – prioritize matching other accessories over shoes.

There are so many details when it comes to bridesmaids for your wedding day. These details often take up a lot of time.We hope this guide helps you make decisions easier and faster! If you found this helpful please like our facebook page so our articles regularly appear in your newsfeed!

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