15 Things That Went Wrong at Indian Weddings

These are real stories.

We talk to a ton of brides and most of them want future couples to know: Something is gonna go wrong on your wedding day. Whatever it is, keep smiling, and enjoy your special day. You’ll never get that day back.  Focus on the fact that you’re marrying the person of your dreams while surrounded by the people in the world that love you most. Great advice!

1. Vendor was in a car accident on the way to my event

Mehndi artist applying mehndi
Our mehndi artist was in an accident on the way to my home. Thank goodness she was ok, but had to cancel. We had a backup artist in mind, in case we needed more people to do mehndi for our guests. Luckily she was local and available that night.

2. Vendor Left Early 

The bride had her heart set on doing the vidai in the horse and carriage that were used for the baraat. But the vendor left after the baraat, citing they never agreed to stay and that they had another wedding to go to.

3. It Rained

SRK in the rain
But the rain wasn’t romantic. It was a disaster. The mandap had to be built indoors which ended up delaying everything 3 hours. We had to pay additional labor and late fees to the venue.

4. Meat in the food

The samosas were supposed to be vegetarian and were labelled as such. Unfortunately, one unlucky guest discovered the error during cocktail hour. Who puts meat in samosas?!?

5. DJ cancelled 2 months before

DJ rocking a party
Our DJ cancelled 2 months before our wedding because he realized his cousin was getting married the same day. He didn’t call to tell us. We happened to call him for something. Moreover he didn’t offer to help us find another DJ!

6. Makeup looked nothing like trial

When I said something to the artist, they responded with, ‘the trial is just for you to see my style – it’s not meant to show you what you’ll actually look like on your wedding day.’

7. Caterer forgot serving spoons

Luckily the venue had serving utensils and let us use them.

8. Photographer crashed my wedding

photographer crashed
Some random photographer showed up at our wedding and started taking photos. I noticed it…but I was in the mandap. Thankfully our photography team noticed too and asked the person to leave.

9.  Traffic caused delays

The hotel where my bridesmaids and I were staying was about 15 minutes from the venue. But there was so much traffic it took us 45 minutes to get there. My poor fiance had to wait around for our photoshoot while I got ready.

10. Venue double-booked the ballroom

double booked
The venue double-booked the ballroom for our wedding ceremony and didn’t inform us until we arrived that morning. Their staff came in towards the end of the ceremony and asked us to vacate the room.

11. Mandap Fell

windy wedding 2
We had an outdoor wedding in a beach city. The mandap, made primarily of pipe and drape, blew down right before the ceremony was supposed to start. Despite efforts to fix it, we did the ceremony without the mandap.

12. Jewelry Broke

broken jewelry
No worries, it was before the event started and I was prepared with backup jewelry sets for each event.

13. Groom’s clothes left at home

The groom’s family had to go back home and get his stuff – thankfully it was only 20 minutes away.

14. Forgot the ceremony ingredients

wedding ingredients
The priest gave us a list of items to bring to the ceremony and we forgot everything at home…2 hours drive away. With the help of our vendors we improvised.

15. Hotel gave away the room block

hotel room
There was catering manager transition at the hotel, over the course of our wedding planning. The hotel gave all of our rooms to a convention group. We ended up booking rooms at the hotel across the street.

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