Indian food served buffet style at an Indian wedding

Hack for Couples to Eat on Their Wedding Day

ProTip: Ask the caterer to separately box food for the bride and groom and have it delivered to their hotel room. Almost all of the couples we speak to, tell us they didn’t eat any of the delectable delights on their wedding day. And understandably so. But when the night comes to an end, they’re starving and what’s worse – all of the food’s been cleared away!!

Indian food served buffet style at an Indian wedding
Photo: Wedding Documentary Photo + Cinema

It’s important to have the food delivered to their room because otherwise the service staff will clear it away. Several couples get plates, but obviously loads of people walk up to congratulate them throughout the night. The service staff is so quick, even if you turn away for 30 seconds the next thing you’ll know your plate is gone!

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