Groom negotiating to get his shoes back

ProTip: For Stealing The Groom’s Shoes

ProTip: Pre-prep money envelopes to distribute when the groom gets his shoes back (assuming the girls side won!)

One of the most endearing traditions of many South Asian weddings is stealing the groom’s shoes. It can get rowdy as both families battle it out. But one way to stay organized is to pre-prep money envelopes and designate someone to hold onto them on behalf of the groom.

Indian wedding stealing the grooms shoes at Hote Irvine at this Punjabi Jain wedding.
Photo: Global Photography

Groom negotiating to get his shoes back

Inbalmore Photography

Needless to say, someone should be able to pass on the envelopes to the groom when it’s time to distribute them.

The Indian groom negotiating to get his shoes back at his Indian wedding
Global Photography

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