How Single Ladies Prep for a South Asian Wedding

1. “What am I gonna wear?”

2. “I wonder if her cute, single friend will be there?”
cute-guy3. “I hope they put me at a good table and, with that cute, single guy.”
hope4. “My parents are gonna give me a hard time about this…another friend getting married.”
Indian-parents5. “I have that gorg red sari. Should I wear that at the sangeet, since it’s the 1st major event? or should I save it for the reception…?”
giphy (12)6. “My blue chudidar is beautiful too and easier to dance in. Hmmm…decisions decisions.”

7. “Yay! Wedding! Fun!”

oohh-wedding-fun 8. “Should I get a new pair of shoes…?”
heels9. “Note to self:Put the gift envelope in my reception purse ahead of time. But I can’t select a purse until I figure out what I’m gonna wear to each event. My black clutch looks SO cute with my red sari.”

clutch10. “I have a lot of prep to do: select outfits, get matching jewelry out, make bangle sets, decide which bindis and shoes to wear, wash my car, decide on hairstyles, press my outfits, select purses…”

so-much-to-do11. “I don’t know how to put a sari on…I need to buy a new outfit! Ugh! I have nothing to wear!”

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Cover Photo: Greycard Photography

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