National Hug Day

Hugs are the best! And we’re excited to share some of our wedding favs on this National Hug Day!

Photo: Braja Mandala Pismo Beach, e-session
The bride wearing her pink lehenga at her vidai.
Photo: Global Photography A mother’s farewell
Bride and groom embracing during their first look at an Indian wedding in Malibu
Photo: Greycard Photography The first look!
Indian bride hugging her cousins during the vidai after her Hindu wedding ceremony
Photo: Greycard Photography A bride hugging a little girl at her vidai
An Indian bride and her groom hugging before their Hindu wedding ceremony. starts.
Photo: Wedding Documentary Photo + Cinema Love this!
Photo: Christina Chico Photo A sweet embrace of the bride and groom.
Photo: Ushna Khan
Photo: Ushna Khan Photography You can see the joy coming through the photo!
Photo: IQ Photo So cute! A little girl riding with the groom, during the baraat!
Photo: Cling & Peck This bride told us that when the antarpat came down at their ceremony and Saagar mouthed to her, “you look beautiful” her heart exploded!
Landmark legislation passed last year, letting these two beauties make their love official!
Photo: Kathy Blanchard Photography A proud father on his son’s wedding day.
Photo: Payal Photo and Video
Photo: Payal Photo and Video The bride and her besties
Photo: Aaron Eye Photography What a touching moment.
Photo: Aaron Eye Photography
Photo: Aaron Eye PhotographyWhat a sweet moment.
Indian bride and groom at sangeet for an Indian wedding
Photo: Callaway Gablelove their big smiles!
Indian wedding, Hindu wedding, bride and groom first look
Photo: Callaway GableFirst look bear hug!

Happy Friday everyone! We hope you have a weekend full of loving hugs!

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