Basics of Wedding Venue Selection

Selecting the perfect venue for a South Asian wedding can be overwhelming. There are several types and lots of options and most planning can’t move forward until the venue and date have been finalized. Here are some basics to help you think about what type and style of venue you want.

General things to consider:

venue considerations table

{Venue Types}

Hotels/Resorts – Wineries – Banquet Halls – Museums – Gov’t Buildings

(Of course within each type, there are a variety of venues ranging from simple to high-end.)

Cost vs. Convenience 2
This could vary but, in general, this is a good guide.

Some garden weddings like this one, have to bring in everything, from electricity to restrooms. But at venues like this you save on the alcohol because it’s all BYO; compared to hotels/resorts where the average drinks are what you pay when you go to a nice bar.

Selecting the right venue is about making trade offs based on what’s important to you/your family.

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Cover photo: Randery Imagery