Football and Weddings

A few months ago we interviewed Shreta and Bharat, whose wedding was on a game day: Michigan vs. Ohio State aka The Game, to denote rivalry between the two universities. Michigan is the Bharat’s alma mater. And you can imagine there were several other Michigan fans attending the wedding.

{Get the Venue’s Help}

What did they do? They asked the venue’s staff to show the game on screens in the hotel lobby. Since their wedding occupied the vast majority of the hotel that Thanksgiving Weekend, they were happy to oblige. Shreta and Bharat told us, having the game on in the background added to the whole fun of the wedding! And what a game it was! 42-41, Ohio State.

Last night as I drove to dinner at Pedro’s Restaurant & Cantina in Santa Clara, adjacent to the Santa Clara Marriott where the Broncos are staying, a very popular venue for South Asian weddings, and minutes from Levi’s Stadium, I couldn’t help but wonder how many South Asian weddings are happening in the SF Bay this weekend, and where.

If you’re attending one, let us know. We’d love to connect with the couple in a few weeks to ask what it was like, given #SB50.