An Indian bride's with beautiful, dark mehndi and panja

The 30 Year Journey

1990s USA

  • “ew, what is that on your hands? (referring to mehndi). “It looks like hives!”
  • no venues would allow outside catered Indian food for weddings
  • South Asian dance genres were the purview of South Asians only
  • “what’s up with the dot on your forehead?”
  • “you don’t eat meat? How weird!”

2010s USA

  • “henna tattoos are my favorite!”
  • venues compete to attract South Asian weddings/events
  • Bollywood is a global phenomenon
  • “I love bindis!”
  • Vegetarian and vegan diets are recognized as healthier and more environmentally friendly

Many 1st generation Indian-Americans have lived through this happy transformation in society.

#MyIndianAmericanLife is ShaadiShop’s collaboration with 3 Curious Monkeys on sharing sweet stories that shape the South Asian diaspora in the US.

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