Everything Your Florist Should Know About Your Wedding

Share these details with your florist. You’ll thank us later!

  1. The venue – if the florist has worked there before he/she might know nuances about the space i.e. the mandap i set up on a slightly sloped or elevated area. Prior experience at the venue also helps the florist know how much time they need to set up there.
  2. Your favorite flower(s).
  3. Your vision for each event and item: sangeet/garba, the mandap, aisleway, centerpieces, sweetheart stage. The more details about colors, lighting, fabrics and florals you can provide – the better.
  4. The budget. Once you have a trusted partner, sharing your budget can be helpful for the florist to think creatively within the time and budget constraints.
  5. Other people that will be involved with decor – the DJ who will be doing lighting, rental companies, the planner. Clarify each company’s roles and responsibilities. Ideally you’ll work with companies who already have a great working relationship established.
  6. Event schedules – the florist will plan arrival, setup, tear down etc. accordingly.Brought to you by
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