8 Tips for Organizing Your InBox for Wedding Planning

8 Tips for staying organized (and sane) during wedding planning

  • Create a new email address just for wedding planning. Afterwards, when you won’t need this info ever again, you’ll be so happy you did!
  • Organize your Inbox with folders. We recommend one folder per wedding professional category. So venue, photographer, cinematographer, decorator, caterer etc. etc. Oh and make a separate folder for RSVPs.
  • Create rules in your email so that emails automatically route to the correct box.
  • Use specific email subject lines. Objective: Be able to decipher what an email is about without opening it – just from the subject line.
  • Use Google spreadsheets for your guest list (as opposed to an excel spreadsheet saved to your computer). This is SO much better than tossing this around as an attachment over email. This will get updated often and the last thing you want is people working off of different versions.
  • Create templates.
    a. for following up on RSVPs
    b. responding to FAQs
  • Plan ahead. Start draft emails to send later. i.e. you might have instructions for the wedding party. Drafts are a safe haven to  not forget anything.
  • Contracts that are attachments – we recommend you copy them somewhere else in addition to the attachments in your email.


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