Wedding Heroes: Siblings

{Sibling Involvement in Wedding Planning}

We feature so many weddings and acknowledge all of the amazing wedding professionals that brings couples’ wedding dreams to life. But we kinda forget an important group that are also integral to that dream – the couple’s siblings. Siblings are reliable and behind-the-scenes taking care of everything and anything.

So, in honor of #NationalSiblingsDay, we decided to do just that – honor a sibling. ShaadiShop caught up with Priyanka Jain, whose brother, Kunal Jain, got married last year. Priyanka played a HUGE role in her brother’s wedding. She shared some of the details as well as her funny, and inevitable “you’re next to get married” moment.

Priyanka, her brother - the groom and their parents.
Priyanka, with Kunal and their parents.

What was your role in your brother’s wedding?
My primary responsibilities fell into 4 categories: shopping, entertainment, dessert, administration.

I did a lot, but to be honest, was pretty lucky as Shveta and Kunal were very involved in planning their wedding which left Sunny (Shveta’s brother) and me to take care of a lot of the fun stuff!

Our mom and I went to India to get all of the clothes for our families as well as the groomsmen, gifts and the invitations. For anyone who’s ever done that, it’s a pretty big task. There were a lot of people we shopped for, including Kunal. We got everything in Delhi and brought it all back with us.

I’m a HUGE Bollywood and bhangra fan so anything music/dance related I was super involved with, along with Sunny, for all of the events. We planned each event’s program, choreographed dances, selected music, determined schedules and programs, worked closely with the DJs, I MC’d our family’s sangeet and Sunny and I co-MC’d the reception.  And the work didn’t stop once the wedding was over. I also selected all of the music for their wedding highlights video too.

{Food + Dessert}
I also LOVE desserts and was given free reign to design the dessert bars. It was a sugar lovers paradise! We served traditional mithai in addition to a mouth-watering display of multi-colored macaroons, chocolate covered strawberries, cannolis, pecan and blueberry tarts, brownies, mousse in shot glasses…the list was deliciously endless!

I did a lot of the seating chart for the reception and coordinated with our team of wedding professionals. Basically once the wedding professionals team and decor designs were decided on I was heavily involved with the rest working closely with our families and all of the companies who made that day happen!

Can you share a short story of a touching or funny moment you shared with your brother – either from the wedding day or during planning.
During planning we reminisced about our many childhood shenanigans. I liked pointing out (several times) that he and Shveta owed me for my wedding…one day…a long time from now.

How many people said to you, “now it’s your time to get married” on the wedding day?
This is a pretty funny question. The day Kunal  proposed to Shveta – we were at the beach and before he could even get off his knee, someone said to me, “you’re next”.  All in all it was probably about 20 people throughout the span of the wedding– and I eventually managed to laugh it off.

 What advice would you give to other siblings of the bride/groom?
Just be there for your family and figure out a way to share responsibilities. It was Kunal and Shveta’s day – so I knew there was some stuff they really wanted a certain way so I let them run with it.  Everything I planned, I checked back with them every now and then to ensure we were on the same page. Lastly take a chance to enjoy the moment! I didn’t eat anything at the reception, which I regret as it was literally my dream menu!

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