Daughter to Dulhan, ShaadiShop Mother’s Day Special Part 1

To celebrate Mother’s Day we connected with two South Asian mothers to share their perspectives on Indian weddings. We interviewed Rupal Shah mother extraordinaire and a popular mehndi and draping artist in Southern California.

Inside: A Mother’s Perspective

  • My daughter is a dulhan
  • wedding venue love
  • planning an Indian wedding in the USA
  • special! photos from Uncle and Aunty’s wedding in India!

1. What went through your mind when you saw your baby girl as a dulhan?
When I first saw Priyam, as a dulhan on her big day, my one thought was “wow, I can’t believe she’s old enough to get married”! I couldn’t believe that my baby girl was all grown up! To me, she was the most gorgeous dulhan I had ever laid my eyes on. While I was very sad that she was going to leave our home, I was so excited for her and Amar to start their new life together. I felt like I was parting with a physical part of my body and couldn’t help but think of how my parents must have felt during my wedding.

2. What were your favorite aspects of the wedding venue?
My favorite part of the venue, Hyatt Regency at Long Beach, was that it had a very resort feel. The guests enjoyed the property and the neighboring attractions before and after the wedding. It was a true “California experience” for our out-of-town guests. The ballroom was gorgeous and the foyer had an amazing view too. The staff at the hotel was also very easy to work with and made us all feel very comfortable there.
3. What stood out in planning an Indian wedding in America? 
Planning an Indian wedding in America was truly a unique experience. Being in LA, we had easy access to some amazing vendors but unlike India, we were very hands-on and involved in every little detail. Back in India there is a lot more  labor/help available but we did mostly everything on our own here. I think I was more involved in Priyam’s wedding than I was at my own. I also loved the fact that because the wedding was mostly close friends and family, everyone was interested in the ceremony whereas in India no one is paying attention to the actual vidhi. We were also able to blend a lot of American and Indian traditions that were very personable and intimate.

{Henna by Rupal}

In addition to being a stellar mom, Rupal Shah is a professional henna artist and sari draper in Southern California. With extensive training in India and decades of experience both in India and the United States, Rupal does traditional bridal mehndi as well as modern henna art and tattoos for bridal showers, wedding parties, religious occasions, baby showers, belly blessings, birthdays, and all other occasions.Also an expert in sari draping (she knows over 10 different styles of draping a sari!), Rupal can help give you a full traditional, exotic, and beautiful look. She can glam you, your family and bridal party on your big day! Follow Henna By Rupal on Facebook, for pictures of her work and more details.

Check back tomorrow for Part 2 of our Mother’s Day Special!

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