An Indian bride and groom pose for a funny photo at their wedding reception

5 Things We Kinda Dread About South Asian Weddings

A few weeks ago we brought 5 Things Everyone Loves About South Asian Weddings.
Today, we’re bringing you the 5 things everyone loves…not so much.

Awkward Questions

Still single? No kids yet? What happened? You used to be in such good shape? (Is that a question or a comment????)


Seeing Your Ex.

Especially if he/she looks AMAZING!
giphy (3)

When you eat so much your sari pinches your tummy.

(The apps during cocktail hour are SO good!)

giphy (4)

Boring Speechesgiphy (6)

Giving Up Long Weekends for Weddings giphy (5)

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Cover Photo: IQ Photography

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