THE Sari Hack EVERY South Asian Woman Should Know

If you’re like me, you plan what you’re going to wear before you head to a wedding. Sari’s are always a bit of a conundrum…I wanna wear one but I don’t know how to put it on…and now that I’m married, I don’t have my mom with me all the time to tie it for me. What do I do? Wear anarkali’s and lehengas instead…

Until Now!

I was chatting with a dear friend who told me she had her MIL pre-pin her sari. Her MIL draped the sari like normal, pinned it and everything and then my friend Cirque Du Soleil’d her way out of it, packed it in her suitcase and then slipped into it on her friend’s wedding day. She had to make a couple adjustments – sliding and tucking, but NO pinning!




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Cover Photo: Gloria Gonzalez Fotografia