Wedding Day Rain; What Could Go Wrong?

True story. It was mid-July in sunny, southern California. NO ONE would’ve guessed that it would pour rain one Saturday afternoon…but it did and it changed the day for one couple’s wedding.

What happened?

1. The ceremony was setup in the venue’s gazebo, outdoors. At first it was just drizzling so no one thought about moving the ceremony indoors. But then it started to rain hard and they had to move the ceremony indoors. But, that wasn’t as easy as it sounds, because the gazebo was decorated for the mandap. But there’s no gazebo inside.

The decorator had to make one on the spot. Additionally, the families waited too long to make “move” decision as guests had already started arriving!

2. All of this led to a 2 hour delay that pushed back the schedule for the rest of the day.

3. Instead of cocktail hour, it became cocktail 2.5 hours and guests were outdoors the entire time. Since it was summer and had been raining all day, it was hot, humid, and there was NO where to sit. Guests were uncomfortable and ladies complained about their feet paining after standing in heels for so long. Thank goodness the rain let up during cocktail hour, otherwise that would have been a whole other problem.

4. They didn’t open the ballroom for guests to take their seats for the reception until 9:15pm!

5. The program didn’t end until 10:30pm; kids were cranky, uncles and aunties were tired and everyone was hungry.

6. Dinner was served at 10:30pm which meant the couple had to pay hefty ‘late fees’ for keeping the wait staff overtime. Most venues require dinner to be served by 9:30pm, otherwise late fees apply. 

7. The delays also meant less time for fun! There was only 1 hour left to dance (without paying overtime fees for that too).

Your Take Aways
if you’re worried about rain on your wedding day:

a. I know it’s INCREDIBLY tough, but don’t wait until it’s too late to decide to move indoors. FYI, I was faced with the same decision for my wedding too, so I get it.
b. Discuss contingency plans with your decorator and florist during the planning process and be ready for either situation.
c. Arrange at least SOME seating during cocktail hour.
d. If ShaadiShop is helping you with your venue, we’ll make sure you know details such as the cut off time for serving meals without paying additional fines.

In contrast, this bride anticipated rain on her wedding day and prepared for it.

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