Understanding Hotel Room Blocks For My South Asian Wedding

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There are two ways to setup a room block at a hotel: Courtesy room block (CRB) or Contract

Courtesy Room Blocks (CRB)

  • hotel gives you special rates and a booking code. Usually the rate is lower than any publicly published rate
  • guests use the booking code to make make their reservations
  • CRB’s have limited number of rooms – most hotels release 10 rooms at a time. They’re booked first-come first-serve.  When the 10 rooms are full, you can request more 10 rooms. More rooms are given based on availability and rates may change.
  • rooms in a CRB must be booked at least 30 days prior to the event. (important since sometimes we’re sort of a last minute culture)
  • Any unoccupied rooms  in the CRB, at the 30 day mark, will go back into the hotel’s inventory and you have not financial obligation for those rooms.
  • A variety of rooms can be offered in a CRB – standard, suites etc.  – again, subject to availability.

Take Aways:

  • Setting up a room block is very common
  • Encourage guests to book early
  • Particularly useful for the couple’s friends


  • rates are locked in
  • rooms are blocked off for you – no availability/cut off date issues
  • there’s a financial obligation
  • sometimes lower rates than CRBs

Usually set up 11 rooms or more. You’re guaranteeing to pay for a certain number of rooms.How many? Usually 80% of the contracted rooms. This is called an attrition rate.

Example 1: Assume, you contracted 100 rooms for your wedding and the attrition rate is 80%. That means as long as 80 rooms are occupied, there’s no additional fee.  In this example, as long as 80 or more rooms were filled then you’re good.

Example 2: Instead, assume only 70 rooms were occupied. Then a fee would apply. In this example, any number of rooms, below 80 would incur a penalty.

Take Aways:

  • we recommend contracts when you’re hosting rooms (you’re paying for them; which is common for family/relatives)
  • and/or recommended when you know you’re going to have a lot of people staying at the hotel and you run little risk of not meeting the attrition rate
  • encourage guests to book using your booking code
  • recommended when you don’t want to run the risk that rooms might not be available
  • a variety of rooms are available but make sure to specify to the hotel what rooms types you want to include in the contract and communicate that to guests as well.

We can give you more details about room blocks when we help you with your venue. Visit ShaadiShop’s main website to discover venues you’re interested in or contact us and we’d be happy to help!

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