South Asian Ceremonies With an Open Flame

Every venue’s policy about open flames varies. Here’s some basic info:

Refer to ShaadiShop’s main website for open flame policies at the venue’s you’re interested in.

Fire permit – some venues require you to get a fire permit from the city. You’ll find a link in the “permit” section, for each venue that requires, it on ShaadiShop’s main website. Every city has different requirements and fees to get the permit.

Apply for permits ASAP. You never know how long it will take.

Fire watch – all this means is that someone from the venue will be overseeing the ceremony and have a fire extinguisher at the ready. This is a precaution – we’ve never heard of anyone ever having an issue. Venues do charge for this though since it’s additional labor. Expect anywhere from $100-$400.

Size restrictions – some venues impose restrictions on how big the flame can be i.e. it can’t exceed the top of the container it’s in.

Other policies – Some venues simply don’t allow a typical flame indoors. They might say you can use candles only.

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