ShaadiShop Vendor Directory

Thanks for your interest in ShaadiShop’s Vendor Directory!

When we help couples with their venues, we get asked for vendor suggestions ALL the time! So we decided to create a place where couples can read testimonials about your company and get to know you.  Instead of a fee, just add a link to ShaadiShop on your website, like this example:


When someone clicks on “Find Venues” it will take them to ShaadiShop’s main website. Best of all, the “Find Venues” button blends in with your website’s branding. It’s a win-win! 🙂

Several well recognized companies are already in the directory, as you’ll see in the Vendors area.

How To Get Your Complimentary Page:

  • send us a jpg of your company’s logo
  • send us 5-8 jpg photos of your work
  • send us 5-10 sentences of what you want the page to say
  • add ShaadiShop to your site

email to: (.co is the new .com)


Thanks and look forward to working with you!

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