Butterfly Release At Your Ceremony? Hmm…

Last night I had dinner with friends who shared a disheartening story about a wedding they went to.

During the ceremony, what looked like little chocolate boxes, were distributed to each guest. A box was handed to each guest with no description of what was inside. The first people to get the boxes, opened them to find a single butterfly – alive or …..

Of course the butterflies that were alive flew away.

Guests were expected to participate in a butterfly release at the end of the ceremony. But so many were disturbed, that they didn’t. My friend shared that what made it worse was holding onto the closed box during the ceremony, as one could feel the butterfly desperately trying to flap its wings.

Couples are continuously coming up with creative and innovative ways for their wedding to stand apart. ShaadiShop’s advice is to always consider the guest experience in everything planned for a wedding. Their experience is what they will remember.

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