Venue-Caterer Mismatch

On Thanksgiving weekend I attended a Persian-Jewish wedding at a 4-star resort. Like South Asian weddings, Persian-Jewish weddings also have hundreds of guests and outside catering.

They served Persian cuisine at dinner but there were no cards positioned next to each dish, describing what each item was.

I’m vegetarian and wasn’t sure which items were too. I asked a nearby server who was replenishing an item, and her response was, “I’m just a server, you’ll have to ask the caterer”.

I stood there like I’m a guest at this wedding, I don’t know who the caterer is?!?

This is a gap between venues and the caterers. Venues provide the serving staff; and caterers bring the food. But the serving staff receives no training on what the menu items are.

For South Asian weddings, most guests will know what most of the items are, but the non-Indian, vegetarian, and others will appreciate the detail.

A few best practices came to mind:

The serving staff should receive some training on the dishes

There was probably a better way for that server to respond to me. This was a 4-star resort in Orange County, and there was no finesse in the response nor any attempt to further help.

The best practice: arrange dish cards for each meal. This is the best thing to do – easier than training, you can make them yourself and correlate the design to your decor and all your guests will benefit from them.

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