Venue Competition for Indian Weddings

When it comes to Indian weddings, hotels and other wedding venues have broader competition than their typical comp set.

The largest U.S. markets for Indian weddings are: California, Houston, NY/NJ, Chicago, Boston, and Atlanta. There are a plethora of venues in each of these markets and South Asian consumers are happy to spend the time to explore their options and weigh the benefits of each of their offerings.

A couple whom we recently booked their wedding venue was really intent on finding a  venue in North Orange County…at first. As the discovery process evolved they expanded the radius south to San Diego – expanding the viable options by 70 miles!

As we considered about 20 venues, some clearly priced themselves out of the consideration set because their prices were the same or higher compared to other venues that offered more value for the same or less money. More value was delivered by way of a nicer ceremony space and amenities like cake cutting fees and lower hosted parking fees.

Photo: Global Photography

When you’re having anywhere from 300-500 guests at your wedding (the average South Asian wedding hosts 350 guests), those incremental costs add up and venues that don’t consider that and the impact on consumers are going to continue missing out on the business.

So what can you do? 
Survey your customers. Find out what other venues they’re considering, the names they share might surprise you. Then determine your venue’s relative strengths and weakness and develop packages accordingly.

Samta Varia is the Founder of ShaadiShop, a marketplace website where venues directly market to the South Asian community and consumers get personalized help throughout their venue booking process. They have closed over $2MM for venues in 2 years.

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