Venues Leave Money On the Table: Hindu Wedding Open Flame

I dislike seeing venues miss out on revenue potential because they didn’t know the facts. Venues that are hosting Hindu ceremonies get anywhere from $15k-$30k revenue from the ceremony, plus the lunch hosted afterwards.

Understandably catering executives who have never seen or hosted a Hindu wedding at their venue, get nervous at the idea of an open flame on property. I want to get the facts straight as many venues are missing out on great revenue potential, simply because they don’t understand the facts.

  • it is NOT a bonfire; it’s a small ceremonial fire
  • the fire does not exceed .5in above the vessel it is in
  • the fire’s smoke doesn’t trigger the alarm system
  • the ceremony is anywhere from 1-2 hours
  • the open flame portion¬†7-10 minutes
  • the fire does not exceed .5in above the vessel it is in
  • the officiant completely extinguishes the fire afterwards

Additionally there are other measures venues take to ensure safety and security: firewatch, fire permit, working with the local Fire Marshal.

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Cover Image: Braja Mandala Wedding Photography