Embracing South Asian Culture in 2017

A couple months ago I was on the phone with the Director of Catering at a venue in Los Angeles about hosting South Asian weddings. After I intro’d myself and the reason for my call, she sarcastically said, “we welcome any business but we can’t have big blazing fires and wild animals running around our property.”

She had only misconceptions about South Asian culture so I tried to turn things around. I cheerfully and briefly educated her about what really happens at South Asian weddings, but I might as well have been talking to a wall. She wasn’t listening.

I felt sorry for her and her closed mindedness which was costing the venue and her company a lot of money. And I was disappointed to see that was the demeanor of the Director of the department.

For the most part, venues across SoCal have embraced South Asian weddings and I appreciate that so many venue staff members have embraced our culture.

In fact, about two weeks ago I was in Huntington Beach, visiting my friends at the Waterfront Beach Resort. After my meeting the valet guy and I struck up conversation. He said that often he and his team join in the baraat at South Asian weddings, that they have so much fun and the guests are so welcoming.

They have this welcome sign at the front of their lobby…and they mean it.