What Does a Wedding Venue Package Usually Come With?

The venue is often the biggest purchase of your wedding. It can be kinda complicated too. One aspect of the venue that we see couples get confused about for South Asian weddings is what comes with the outside catering package.

Venue outside catering packages are designed to provide you most of the things you’ll need – except the food and beverages. Beverages are charged separately and food will be provided by your caterer.

Typical Outside Catering Packages Include:

ballroom – the ballroom + cocktail hour space. The ceremony is extra.

Hotel Irvine Indian wedding reception.
Photo: Global Photography

tables and chairs – including the setup and tear down

linens – for guest tables, buffet tables, gift tables, and the stage. Most venues have a limited selection of colors included in the package, like ivory, white, and black. Most venues can get you additional colors but they cost more.

napkins – similar to linens, available in limited colors included in the package and the design and style is usually simple, like you see below.

Napkin design and layout comes with the venue package; photo: Lin & Jirsa

china and silverware – you can specify what items you want and at what time throughout the events. In this table setting below, they have everything on the table when guests are seated – water glass, champagne flutes, coffee cup, silverware for dinner and dessert. Some people might opt limit the setting to napkin + silverware.


risers – You’ll need a riser to make the stage as well as the skirt on top. Your decorator brings everything on top of the stage.

Photo: Randery Imagery

dance floor – venues include a wood, parquet dance floor. If you’re looking for white or any other color + customization, work with your decorator.

Photo: Greycard Photography

cake cutting – NOT the cake.

champagne toast – well…champagne or apple cider, your guests can choose.


bar + server staff – usually 1 bar for every 100 guests and 1 server for every 30 guests


suite for the couple – 1 night stay in a suite for the couple (day of the reception).

tables – all the tables and linens you’ll need for food, gifts, escort cards etc.

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