Fun & Games at South Asian Weddings


One of the important points of a Hindu or Jain wedding ceremony is the varmala. The couple adds a fun twist by making it difficult for the other person to place the garland around the other person’s neck.


Milni literally translates as “to meet”. The milni is a South Asian wedding tradition done right after the baraat arrives and the two families…meet. As we all know South Asian weddings are marriages between two families so this is a great way to honor extended family members and help the families get to know another. In a series if exchanges, the couples’ corresponding family members greet each other and exchange gifts. So the bride’s uncle and the groom’s uncle. The bride’s brother and the groom’s brother etc.Where it gets fun is how wacky some of the greetings can get. (Traditionally milni was restricted to males only. Things are changing though.)

The fun at South Asian weddings never stops!

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Cover photo: Randery Imagery