Sales Calls: Addressing Objections FTW

Recently I called a prospective client to talk about joining ShaadiShop. She started the conversation by saying their venue doesn’t allow outside catering, a horse/ele on-property, nor open flames.

Well, those are non-starters, as most Indian weddings, can’t take place without them.

I could have ended the call and moved on to the next prospect. Instead, cued by her tone, I decided to ask questions. Unlike many of my sales calls where the person is just trying to get me off the phone, she wasn’t. And in my head I was like, “I’m carpe deim’ing this!”.

Next I said, “those are good reasons not to focus on this market. Can I ask a question?” (I asked her permission, which built buy-in). Once I got a deeper understanding, it turned out that 2 out of 3 concerns were her misperceptions, not policies (she started the conversation by saying, “We don’t allow” = policies). And for the 3rd concern — we came up with a solution within a few minutes.

The 10 minute call ended with her asking me to send my paperwork.


Take Aways

  • The client’s misconceptions about Indian weddings were my problem. Before I could sell her anything I had to educate her.
  • Now, when I start my sales calls, one of the 1st things I ask is how much experience they have with Indian weddings.
  • Take every opportunity to educate! (esp. innovative, niche products).
Samta Varia, Founder & CEO ShaadiShop: South Asian Wedding Venues

Samta Varia is the Founder & CEO of ShaadiShop,  a lead-gen marketplace for venues interested in South Asian weddings.

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