ShaadiShop was created to make planning a South Asian wedding easier. ShaadiShop’s core product is 1 place, online to discover South Asian-friendly wedding venues. South Asian couples will find the info they need and get quotes, from the comfort of their home.

In addition the ShaadiShop blog is a haven for planning a South Asian wedding, with everything from checklists to pro tips and photos, videos and more!

Songs is the 1st ever filter-able database of Hindi and Punjabi songs. For the 1st time ever, couples can search for an all girls dance song for a mehndi/sangeet. Mother-son songs, and songs for every occasion in a South Asian wedding.

{ShaadiShop’s Origin}

ShaadiShop started as a Business school project in one of Samta’s MBA courses. While planning her own wedding and her sister’s, 6 months later, she was surprised by how little, detailed and actionable info for South Asian weddings was available online. At that time ShaadiShop was just a vision in her mind; and B school was the perfect place to vet the concept. Her final project was to make a decision whether the idea was a go or a no-go. She decided it was a go! And ShaadiShop was born. 🙂

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