Virtual PreSkool Teach It Yourself Pre-K Curriculum by:

Are virtual classes not a good fit for your child?
Would you like lessons for your 3.5-5 year old to teach on your own schedule?

Virtual PreSkool’s 4 Week Pack

Each week you’ll receive:

approx. 3-4 hours of activities per day
5 days per week
4 weeks
based on pre-k curriculum

materials: crayons, paper, scissors, etc. not included

Sample Syllabus
Sample of 1 Day of Activities

Ideal for:
children that won’t sit for virtual class
busy parents, traveling parents
Great way for grandparents, aunts and uncles to engage

From The Teacher: Mrs. McElroy

– Degrees: Early Childhood & Human Development
– Developed innovative curriculum, Pre-k + K
– Tailors teaching methods to her students
– Experienced in distance learning

Mrs. McElroy has over 15 years of experience teaching pre-kindergarten in school districts that consistently earn an ‘A’ on as well as one of the most sought after private schools in Orange County, California.

She is directly involved in developing innovative curriculums for pre-k and kindergarten that have often led to children achieving first grade reading levels at such a young age. In addition to her specialized degrees and teaching experience, Mrs. McElroy led the development of a math enrichment program and has ongoing input in creating an innovative curriculum.

When the COVID-19 pandemic forced her school to close, Mrs. McElroy lost no time to transition her class to virtual. The class is so engaging that her 3rd grade son exclaimed he wants to join her class too!

“The material is perfect for his level! And it’s incredibly convenient to have a plan for the next few weeks with activities for him to everyday.”

Bijoli, mom of 4 year old boy

Virtual Preskool has been a game changer for us. I don’t have to worry about learning loss and it’s so easy with lessons set up.

Mike, dad of 4 year old daughter


Menlo Park, CA