An Indian bride dressed up for her Hindu wedding ceremony surrounded by her bridesmaids wearing red saris.

Bridesmaid Photoshoot Poses

{Bridesmaid Photoshoot Poses}

The wedding day scene: everything’s perfect – the venue, the bride, the decor, the bridesmaids – all that’s left is to organize poses for a photoshoot. Make the most of your wedding venue by doing photoshoots throughout the interesting areas throughout the property. We compiled some popular, easy to organize shots. Whether you’re on a time crunch, have a handful to many bridesmaids.

{Hands on Hip}

arms look skinny
accentuates female figure
3/4 profile view is considered a woman’s ‘best’ angle

Indian bride with her bridesmaids wearing lehega designed and made by the bride in Mumbai.
My bridesmaids wore lehengas designed by Riddhi. Beautiful how the colors contrast with her lehenga and match the decor for the ceremony.
Even when bridesmaids vary in height, a hand on a hip never fails photo: Greycard Photography

{Holding Hands}

It’s sweet, cute, and so girly! 🙂

Photo: Aaron Eye Photography

{Flying Kisses}

What bride doesn’t want her besties love on her special day?!

Indian wedding bridal party with pink umbrellas
Photo: Global Photography

{How Long You’ve Known The Bride}

Sometimes people do a variation of this, on How You Know The Bride/Where You Met.
This pose adds a nice accessory and dimension to the photo. While it looks simple this shot took a bit of coordination
to make the signs, arrange the seating, and ensure no one holds the sign too high/low/covers their face.

Indian wedding at the Hilton Long Beach with everything customized.
Photo: Payal Photo + Video

{Huddle Around the Bride}

Straightforward, fun, and sweet photo to have in your wedding album. And there are lots of ways to set this up.

Sanika had the bridesmaids lehengas made in India. With the help of dear friends in India and technology (Whats App) they found the lehengas, got them made and brought to the US. Best of all, only ONE person needed additional alterations after the lehengas arrived.
Photo: Randery Imagery
An Indian bride ready for her Christian wedding ceremony with her bridesmaids.
Photo: Wedding Documentary Photo + Cinema
The bride selected saris the brides would want to wear again later.
Photo: D. Park Photography
Photo: Greycard Photography

{Stand in a Line Pose}

With beautiful bridesmaids wearing beautiful outfits, of course these shots will be great!

The bridesmaids at an Indian wedding wearing matching blue and gold lehengas
Photo: Wedding Documentary Photo + Cinema

With everyone wearing identical outfits these shots are beautiful and look great!

Indian bride in her wedding lehenga with her bridesmaids wearing lehengas before the Indian Gujarati HIndu wedding.
Photo: Lin and Jirsa
Indian bride with her bridesmaids wearing beautiful multicolored saris.
Photo: Lin and Jirsa
Outdoor Indian wedding at the Newport Beach Marriott Hotel and Spa in the Rose Garden. An Indian bride in a photo with her bridesmaids wearing matching saris.
Photo: Lin and Jirsa

{Interlocked Arms}

Passed 3rd grade when else are you ever going to do this with your besties?

Indian bride photoshoot with her bridesmaids wearing matching saris for their beachfront destination wedding on Maui
Photo: IQ Photo
Indian bride and bridesmaids
Photo: Inbalmore Photography

{Robe Photos}

These haven’t been as popular amongst South Asians in the past – probably due to our conservative culture.
But we’re seeing them more because they’re cute. And matching robes make a great gift!

Indian bride with her bridesmaids before the Gujarati, Hindu, Indian wedding
Photo: Lin and Jirsa
Photo: Charleton Churchill

{Sitting Poses}

An Indian bride dressed up for her Hindu wedding ceremony surrounded by her bridesmaids wearing red saris.
Looks like it could be on the cover of a magazine! Photo: VEK Photo
Indian bride with her bridesmaids on the garba night of her Indian, Gujarati, Hindu wedding
Photo: Lin and Jirsa
Photo: Gloria Gonzalez

{Bouquet Pose}

Why not show them off? They’re gorgeous and add flare to photos!

Photo: Gloria Gonzalez 
AH-Richard-Nixon-Library-bridesmaids saris-Azhar-Heena
Photo: Lin and Jirsa

Groom-only Photos

Love these shots of the bride’s friends messing with grooms

Bridesmaids at an Indian wedding iving the groom a hard time - pulling on his dupatta.
Photo: Lin and Jirsa
An Indian groom lifted by the bridesmaids for a funny photo.
Photo: Greycard Photography
Photo: Paul F. Gero Photography


Photo: Aaron Eye Photography
Photo: Gloria Gonzalez
Photo: Lin and Jirsa

{Bridesmaids Accessory Shots}

gifts for the bridesmaids
Parsaols and personalized pouches. Photo: Global Photography
Bridesmaids Bouquets. Photo: Greycard Photography
Bridesmaids gifts distributed before the wedding ceremony.
Photo: Lin and Jirsa

{Fun/Goofy Shots}

These are often one of the best memories of the wedding. What better time to be a total goof ball than at your besties wedding, wearing your most formal attire. Love it!

Photo: Gloria Gonzalez
Indian Jain Punjabi wedding at Hotel Irvine.
Photo: Global Photography
Photo: Greycard Photography

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Cover Photo: Randery Imagery

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