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Innovating How To Find A Venue For an Indian Wedding

{A Better Way To Find
and Connect With Venues}

I created ShaadiShop because I wanted our community to have a better way to find venues for Indian weddings, by taking the search where everyone is – online. Today, ShaadiShop is the largest Indian wedding venue marketplace; as well as the only destination where you can:

  • Get in depth info about venues and their offerings for Indian weddings
  • Directly connect with venues without making lengthy phone calls, 24/7
  • Get free, detailed guides about planning an Indian wedding
  • Access comprehensive vendor lists across the entire USA + Canada

And what’s more? All of these resources are free for consumers – another innovation.

{How The Marketplace Works}

  1. Under Venues, scroll to your desired region.
  2. Filter to categories by geography, budget, features (i.e. ocean views, non-hotel venues)
  3. Peruse detailed profiles about each venue and their offerings for Indian weddings
  4. Connect with venues directly through the website – just fill out the form and the venues will reach out to you. No lengthy phone calls.

{Starting ShaadiShop}

ShaadiShop started as my business school project while I was pursuing a part time Masters in Business Administration at the University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business (Flight On!). I was mid-MBA when I got engaged and started planning my wedding.

At the time, I was operating my direct marketing agency in Orange County, California. So I was working full time, attending business school, planning my wedding and my then-fiance, Ajay, was living in San Francisco, so we were flying back-and-forth to see each other on weekends. All of this was happening simultaneously.

Needless to say, I was taxed for time and frustrated with how little actionable information there was for Indian weddings online – especially about venues. I also discovered how time consuming it was to call venues one-by-one. And repeatedly disheartened after spending a lot of time on the phone with a venue only to find out that they’re unavailable on my desired dates, or weren’t even equipped for Indian weddings.

I knew I had to innovate on better, more efficient ways to find a venue for an Indian wedding. Indian weddings have nuances and needs that most other weddings don’t have – large guest counts, baraat, long wedding ceremonies, ceremonies steeped in religious tradition, and of course Indian cuisine, which venues can’t cater in-house in addition to other unique needs.

It was serendipitous that I was starting an entrepreneurship class that semester, where I had to come up with a business idea and start working on it. The vision for ShaadiShop was already clear in my mind; and I wanted to bring it to fruition. So, I started building relationships with venues – educating them about Indian weddings and how they could benefit from this market. I also partnered with engineering students from the USC Viterbi School of Engineering to build version 1 of the website. And ShaadiShop was born!

I LOVE being an entrepreneur in tech. Everyday is a journey of growth, creativity, strategizing, and hard work. And the fruits of that work come every time a couple reaches out to share that ShaadiShop was helpful to them and their family.

And I hope ShaadiShop is a useful tool and resource as you plan your wedding.


Founder of ShaadiShop, Samta Varia. Her company helps couples find an Indian wedding-friendly venue.
Samta Varia
Founder & CEO
ShaadiShop: Indian Wedding Venues

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