About: How We Help Couples Find an Indian Wedding-Friendly Venue

ShaadiShop makes finding an Indian wedding-friendly venue easier. Think of us as AirBnB for Indian Wedding Venues. We have 2 sites: a website and a blog. They’re both free resources where you’ll find venues. So you can refer to both to find information and pricing about venues that we have already assured are Indian wedding-friendly.

What We Do
We represent the Featured Venues that are on our sites. We work with a variety of venues ranging from luxury to budget-friendly across Northern and Southern California. By being on ShaadiShop these venues signal that they are equipped to host Indian weddings and welcome them!

We do not work on commission. So that means all of our recommendations are focused on what’s best for you.

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For the rest of the venues, that are not Featured Venues, we’ve published lists of Indian Wedding-friendly venues across the United States so that you can reach out to them directly.

To see the venue lists, visit our blog > Venues

{ShaadiShop’s Origin}

ShaadiShop started as Samta’s business school project. She was mid-MBA while planning her own wedding. During that process she discovered how little, actionable information for South Asian weddings there was online – especially about venues. Recognizing this need, coupled with her desire to help the growing South Asian diaspora, she started building relationships with venues – educating them about South Asian weddings and how their businesses can benefit.


Founder of ShaadiShop, Samta Varia. Her company helps couples find an Indian wedding-friendly venue.
Samta Varia
Founder & CEO
ShaadiShop: Indian Wedding Venues

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