OUtdoor Sikh wedding, not in the Gurdwara. THey put a sub-flooring so their guests would be comfortable.

Tips for Non-Gurdwara Anand Karaj

Sikh maryada, usually calls for the Anand Karaj ceremony to take place in a Gurdwara. However, some couples opt to complete the ceremony in other venues for a variety of reasons, including:

  • space capacity
  • desire to be outdoors
  • desire to have a baraat (some Gurdwaras don’t allow dancing on premises)
  • destination wedding

Here are tips for having a non-Gurdwara Anand Karaj.

  1. Find a Granthi who will perform the ceremony. Not all will.
    seating at the Anabd Karaj Sikh Indian Punjabi wedding ceremony on the beach in Phuket Thailand
    Anand Karaj on the beach in Phuket, Thailand

    2. Arrange sub-flooring for outdoor ceremonies
    , you’re going to need some type of sub-flooring so your guests are comfortable and not sitting directly on the grass nor the ground.

    photo: Greycard Photography

    3. Might ruin the grass – one venue hosted their 1st Anand Karaj on their grass lawn. They stopped watering that area 24 hours prior to the wedding and as soon as the ceremony was finished their staff started tear down – I mean immediately (the couple was still taking photos). Afterwards, the venue told us they’d no longer offer this, as it killed their grass. The venue may {try to} fine you as a result.

    OUtdoor Sikh wedding, not in the Gurdwara. THey put a sub-flooring so their guests would be comfortable.
    photo: Greycard Photography


    4. Designate a place for shoes.

    5. Arrange rumaals to be distributed. This is an opportunity to coordinate them with your decor colors. The photos will look great!
    Guys wearing rumaal during Sikh Punjabi, Anand Karaj, Indian wedding in Phuket, Thailand.
    6. Share customs and traditions beforehand. I observed a young girl who was embarrassed in a Gurdwara when she innocently placed a paper prayer book on the floor, vs. on top of a cloth.

    Indian Punjabi Sikh wedding ceremony at the Gurdwara, featured on ShaadiShop
    photo: Lin and Jirsa

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