Indian Wedding Budget Infographic: Free Download

Do you know how much things cost for an Indian wedding in Southern California? There are so many articles on the internet for Western weddings but not a whole lot of information for Indian weddings…until now. How much of the budget should you allocate to a venue for an Indian wedding? Photography? Cinematography? How would you know? Chances are you’re planning a wedding for the first time!

{What’s Your Wedding Budget?}

And one thing you’ll find when you start planning an Indian wedding is that every vendor will ask you, “what’s your wedding budget?”. And more often than not, most people don’t have any idea how much an Indian weddings costs. You might have gathered some info casually from friends and family but South Asians don’t like to talk about money too openly – especially when it comes to how much people spent on their wedding, so it’s kind of a black hole.

So your reaction to the question, “what’s your budget?” is “I don’t know. I’m calling you to find out how much your service costs, so I can figure out what my wedding budget is!”

Since the venue is the first thing most people book for an Indian wedding, couples call me to get our help to find their venue, and say my budget is, $x”. And the majority of the time it’s too little based on either the type of venue they want, the number of guests, the number of events, or all of the above. And it’s because they’re making their best guess about how much things cost. This infographic will save you time and help you understand what to expect.

{Indian Wedding Budget Infographic: Free Download}

That’s why we created ShaadiShop’s South Asian Wedding Budget Infographic.

Download it to see things like:

  • the average cost for different types of venues
  • caterer fees for lunch vs. dinner
  • his/her clothes costs

Keep-in-mind the numbers are averages. Some things will cost more, others will cost less than what’s on the infographic.

Use this as a benchmarking tool for you to:

  • understand where the big costs are
  • how to start thinking about a budget
  • how to allocate your budget

{Indian Wedding Vendors}

There are a variety of vendors serving Indian weddings. They each serve different segments of the market and each have their specialities and services. Visit our vendor directory specifically for Indian weddings. You can see examples of their work and their website links and contact info are listed for you.

South Asian Social Calendars. You also might like our 2018 and 2019, ShaadiShop South Asian Social Calendars. We’ve listed all of the major Hindu, Jain, Muslim, and Sikh holidays, plus American holidays and major events happening throughout Southern California, in one calendar, so you don’t have to look up each thing separately. These events and dates could impact the dates and venues you select for your wedding. For example, do you want to try to get married in San Diego during Comic Con? Could be fun but hotel rooms will be $$$$!

{Take Aways}

  • Download the infographic today!
  • These are averages – so remember you might pay more or even less for some items; it just depends on what you prioritize and how you want to allocate your budget.
  • In general the venue for an Indian wedding is about 35% of your total wedding budget. It’s definitely the biggest chunk.
  • Contact me, to take advantage of ShaadiShop’s free Indian wedding venue booking service.

From all of us at ShaadiShop congratulations and cheers to your upcoming wedding!

Samta Varia Founder & CEO ShaadiShop: Indian Wedding Venues

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