An Indian bride and groom holding hands and dancing at their wedding reception in Newport Beach

Indian Wedding Decor: Turquoise and Purple

The decor at an Indian wedding is a major factor in how the whole event will look and feel. I talk to a lot of couples and the decor is definitely one of the wedding planning areas where they spend the most amount of time. Selecting a venue still takes the cake but planning the decor is a close second.

We created these guides to help you get your arms around planning decor for an Indian wedding:

They’re all simple reads but packed with tips, ideas and tools to make planning your decor a lot easier and hopefully save you some money too!

{How Much Does Indian Wedding Decor Cost?}

Decor is one of those things where the sky’s the limit. I’ve been to weddings where the couple spent $150,000 on the decor alone.  Fresh flowers will boost your costs, custom-anything increases costs. Wedding decor is completely subjective and to each his/her own. If you want to know the average spend on wedding decor in the USA, it’s about $20,000. Download our Indian wedding budget infographic to see the averages for other costs too.

We wanted to share some inspiration for anyone interested in turquoise and purple reception decor. These photos are from Lin & Jirsa, shot at an Indian wedding at the Marriott Newport Beach Hotel & Spa.

There are a few things regarding the decor I want to point out:

Overall they went for simple but impactful. And they selected an upscale venue to host their events. I’m pointing out these details because you can start to see where the decision making processes lead to how to allocate your wedding budget.

{Get Inspired!}

the banquet tables setup for a wedding reception at the Newport Beach Marriott Hotel and Spa
At their reception, lighting made a huge impact in the overall look of the ballroom.
Sweetheart table for an Indian wedding reception with turquoise and purple designs
This couple emphasized the sweetheart table to be the focal point of the overall ballroom decor. The jeweled backdrop and multicolored drapes look stunning!
the banquet tables setup for a wedding reception at the Newport Beach Marriott Hotel and Spa
They carried the color theme to simple table decor. Photo: Lin & Jirsa
Indian wedding, Gujarati, Hindu, Tamil, Jain wedding reception in Newport Beach.
And the cake, of course matched their overall decor colors as well. Photo: Lin and Jirsa

Venue: Newport Beach Marriott Hotel & Spa
Decor: Dream Decor
Photography: Lin and Jirsa

Follow our Indian Wedding Decor Pinterest Board for more inspiration.

{Take Aways}

  • Turquoise and purple is a beautiful color combination for an Indian wedding reception
  • Decor is very personal and subjective. Regardless of your budget you can customize the decor to fit your vision.
  • The average decor expenditure for an Indian wedding in the USA is $20,000. That’s the average. Of course some people spend more and others less. Download our Indian wedding budget infographic to see the averages for other Indian wedding costs.
  • Check out our guides on designing your decor as well as our Mandap/altar style guide.

Reception Decor Decisions for an Indian Wedding

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Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! 🙂

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Images: Lin & Jirsa

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