First Look Photos From Indian Weddings: A Collection

A key component of any Indian wedding photoshoot is the First Look. That anticipatory moment when you see each other for the first time on your wedding day – both dressed in your best – in iconic Indian wedding attire.

Your wedding venue plays a crucial role in the First Look – where, at the venue, do you want your First Look to be? What background? Will there be other people around? In all of the photos below, the photographer carefully scoped out the venue and planned where to capture this memorable moment so that each couple can relive it every time they see their photos.

{Palak and Vaibhav}

Palak and Vaibhav got married at the Hotel Maya in Long Beach, California. Hotel Maya is a waterfront hotel with a few venues overlooking the water, so there are several great places around the property for couples to select for First Look photos. Palak and Vaibhav are on the baraat path, right next to the water. Click for their full wedding feature.

Their First Look was so sweet. Below you can see Vaibhav waiting for his bride and Palak’s big smile. Photos: Lin and Jirsa

{Sucheta and Rohan}

Sucheta and Rohan booked their wedding venue, the Sheraton Park Anaheim Resort, with ShaadiShop. They chose the Sheraton’s Tiffany Terrace for their First Look photos. It’s a wide, spacious area as you can see below. See their full wedding feature here. Photos: Aaron Eye Photography

{Personalize The First Look: Poonam and Jayson}

At this wedding the bride shared, “Instead of me walking towards Jayson, our photographer, Braja Mandala of Braja Mandala Photography, suggested that I wait at the end of the aisle (a runway) and have him walk up to me. Even though there were so many people around witnessing that moment, I still felt that moment was ours. He looked amazing and I couldn’t wait to hug him!”

Poonam and Jayson got married at the Hilton Anaheim. They chose that venue for the multi-levels that the hotel offered so every event felt special and unique.

{Payal and Ankit}

This walkway at the Marriott Newport Beach Hotel & Spa is the most popular area at that property for First Look photos. Click here to see their full wedding feature. Photos: Greycard Photography

{Bina and Neel}

In contrast to Payal and Ankit (above), Bina and Neel decided to have their First Look in the Marriott Newport Beach Hotel & Spa’s Atrium Court. It’s pretty romantic to descend down the stairs as your groom awaits your arrival. The Atrium Court is also where most Indian weddings have their cocktail hour. Photos: Aaron Eye Photography

Cocktail hour at an Indian wedding reception

{Nina and Gautam}

Nina and Gautam got married at a small boutique venue in Costa Mesa, California. It’s surrounded by greenery which provided the perfect background for their First Look. I love this photo – Nina’s smile with her hand on Gautam’s shoulder. See their full wedding feature here. Photos: Wedding Documentary Photo + Cinema

{Rakhee and Amrish }

Amrish and Rakhee got married in Malibu, California. See their full wedding feature here. Photos: Greycard Photography

Indian bride looking at his wife-to-be for the first time for their first look photoshoot.

{Anita and Rohan}

Anita and Rohan got married in Bakersfield, California. In the photo below, I love how the photographer captured the moment with Anita’s arms open wide ready for an embrace with her husband-to-be. The house in the background and Anita walking down the red bridge wearing her Indian bridal maroon sari make all the difference in these photos. See their full wedding feature here. Photos: Callaway Gable

Indian wedding, Hindu wedding, bride and groom first look

Indian wedding, Hindu wedding, bride and groom first look

{Riddhi and Amish}

The floor-to-ceiling windows add drama to this photo of Riddhi walking towards Amish for their First Look. See their full wedding feature here. Photo: Lin and Jirsa

Indian bride wearing her lehenga going to meet her groom wearing his sherwani, for the first look before the ceremony started.
Amish patiently waited while I got ready and we did our first look before the ceremony started.

{Shari and Prashanth}

They got married at the Marriott Newport Beach Hotel & Spa as well. What’s so great about this photo is that this is from their garba night. They did a First Look on their garba night too! Great idea guys! Photo: Lin and Jirsa

{Tejal and Yousouf}

Tejal and Yousouf’s oceanfront wedding in Huntington Beach, California was at the newly expanded Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort. You can see the beach in the background as well being surrounded by beautiful palm trees for their First Look.

{Take Aways}

  • Be thoughtful about where, at your wedding venue, you select for First Look photos.
  • Personalize the First Look photos and make them memorable for you.

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Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! 🙂

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Cover image: Wedding Documentary Photo + Cinema

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