Virtual PreSkool Day 1

Science Activities:
you’ll need crayons, children’s scissors
10-20 minutes per activity

Start with this video: How Does a Seed Become a Plant?

Math Activities

Addition and Subtraction Video
Simple addition and subtraction cartoon that’s based on a farm, so correlates to our plant theme.

You’ll need a pencil or crayon. This is excellent for developing critical thinking and observation skills

Use magna tiles, blocks, dolls – anything you have at home. The objective is to introduce them to a sense of size with concepts such as big, tall, small, smaller, smallest.

Instructions: print this color mat or make your own. Use blocks or fruit loops or cut out pieces of colored construction paper and have your color coordinate and count simultaneously.

Reading and Writing:

Art Activities: paint, children’s scissors, crayons
approx. 20-30 minutes per activity

Story Time:

Download the Khan Academy Kids App. In that app there are several wonderful stories that you can read or the app will read aloud. (available on ios and Android)

Movement Activities:

Squish the Fish Cosmic Yoga

Dance along! Dancing Robots
Let’s play the party Freeze Game!

More Resources:

The days of the week sing along!

The Hello Song