Dharmi and Veeral, Newport Beach Marriott Hotel and Spa

Garba: Jain Center of Southern California
Hindu wedding and reception: Newport Beach Marriott Hotel & Spa
Bride and Groom: Gujarati Hindu – Gujarati Jain

What advice would you give to a couple considering the Newport Beach Marriott for their wedding day?
I was looking specifically for an outdoor ceremony site that can accommodate 300+ people, is reasonably priced, and has staff that are easy to work with. NB Marriott pretty much met all of this. The location is also beautiful with several scenic spots, which was important for the photos.

What were some things that the Newport Beach Marriott did that went above and beyond your expectations?
They were flexible with the timings and prices on the original contract. They took most of our special requests into consideration, including room blocks, extending the allotted time for ceremony/cocktail hour/reception, reserving certain areas for photos, and making price adjustments.

What advice would you give to a couple that’s just starting to plan their wedding?
Start about a year in advance, if possible. Try to speak to several people that have gotten married recently and have advice for vendors and other tips. Having friends that got married in the area and already went through this process was helpful when I started my search. Another thing is to make a spreadsheet with a budget so you don’t go too overboard, because the costs all add up and you have to decide which items you want to spend more money on and which ones you are willing to spend a little less. Most importantly, work with your partner and compromise on the important things to minimize conflicts between the two of you because it will happen!

Any advice for a bride on the day-of the wedding?
Making sure you are fed is very important. Also make sure that you’ve delegated someone for everything on the wedding day because you simply won’t have the time or the mindset to do anything yourself. One trustworthy person should be your point-person that you can call for anything you need. Setting multiple alarms is also important. I was so tired from my pre-wedding events that I fell asleep without setting my alarm and just barely got ready in time the next morning! Looking back, it may have been a better idea to spend the night before at the wedding venue so I didn’t have to worry about being late. Be organized and get people involved to help early and often.  Read the fine print when it comes to cost.  It was unclear some of charges from Marriott related to taxes and service charges.

What was each of your favorite parts of your wedding day?
Bride’s response: Dancing at the reception was by far the best. By that point, everything had been done and we were able to just enjoy the night with everyone.

Groom’s response My favorite part of the wedding was having dinner just Dharmi and I, all the logistical program stuff was done and we got to relax and chill out for a bit.

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