The bride and groom exchanging varmala at the Indian wedding ceremony.

10 Things That Happen When Indian Weddings Run Late

1.  Shorter photoshoot 
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Brides that shortened their photoshoot shared that they regretted it…after the fact.

2. Shorter baraat

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The baraat is one of the highlights for the groom, so be careful about shortening it.

3. Less Time to get ready
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One bride only had 15 minutes to get ready for her reception.  Another bride told us her ceremony started two hours late because hair/makeup for the bride and bridesmaids took longer than expected.

4. Less time for family photos

Indian family reunion
Weddings are also family reunions. One bride shared her regret that they couldn’t take individual shots with the family members that travelled from around the world to be at her wedding.

5. Fewer performances

Bollywood dance

It’s not a desi wedding without at least a few performances.

6. Reach the bar minimum WAY too fast
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Hosts might extend cocktail hour an additional hour or more for a variety of reasons (delays due to getting rained out or the caterer showing up late = guests drinking more.)

7. Run out of food

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Unexpected rain forced one couple to move their ceremony indoors; but since they needed time to setup a mandap indoors, everything was delayed hours.  Cocktail hour became cocktail 2.5 hours and their caterer wasn’t prepared for that.

8. Serve dinner late

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Expect hungry adults and hangry kids.

9. Late dinner = additional fines 
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Desi weddings are already $$$$, without the additional fines!

10. If the venue has a curfew…less time to party

Since desis like to party, think about an afterparty location. 

We know it’s hard, but try to be on time.

  1. build time buffer into the wedding day – expect the unexpected
  2. give the photographer and coordinator the photo ‘shot list’
  3. give the bridal party a wedding week schedule
  4. let family/friends know photoshoot timings
  5. the bride should have a dedicated hair & makeup artist and arrange other artists for everyone elseGet venue ‘food for thought’ on
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