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Beach Indian Weddings

Indian weddings aren’t typically ON the beach. They’re usually overlooking the beach. Why?

  • Wind: If it’s windy, the fire required for a Hindu ceremony can be difficult to light/stay lit.
  • Noise: It’s difficult to control ambient noise from other resort guests/the public enjoying the beach.
  • Saris: Saris and sand don’t mix well.
  • Chairs: Chairs in the sand are uneven and uncomfortable for guests to sit through a 1 hour + ceremony.

See photos below from two beachfront Indian weddings: one wedding is level with the beach  and the other is elevated.
Which do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below.

Indian Wedding at Beach Level
Photos:Randery Imagery
Decor: Deepti’s Floral Designs & Mandaps

Photo: Randery Imagery

A perfect mandap on a perfect summer day in SoCal.

Stunning wedding venue! These are their standard ceremony chairs that come with the wedding package.

Elevated Indian Wedding
Photos: IQ Photo
Decor: Bella Grace Floral


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Leave your comments below: what do you prefer – a beach level ceremony or an elevated ceremony?