How Single Ladies Prep for an Indian Wedding

Enjoy this funny article on how single ladies prep for an Indian wedding. Man, Indian weddings can be pressure!


1. “What am I gonna wear?”

2. “I wonder if her cute, single friend will be there?”

3. “I hope they put me at a good table and, with that cute, single guy.”

4. “My parents are gonna give me a hard time about this…another friend getting married.”

5. “I have that gorg red sari. Should I wear that at the sangeet, since it’s the 1st major event? or should I save it for the reception…?”
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6. “My blue chudidar is beautiful too and easier to dance in. Hmmm…decisions decisions.”

7. “Yay! Wedding! Fun!”


8. “Should I get a new pair of shoes…?”

9. “Note to self:Put the gift envelope in my reception purse ahead of time. But I can’t select a purse until I figure out what I’m gonna wear to each event. My black clutch looks SO cute with my red sari.”


10. “I have a lot of prep to do: select outfits, get matching jewelry out, make bangle sets, decide which bindis and shoes to wear, wash my car, decide on hairstyles, press my outfits, select purses…”


11. “I don’t know how to put a sari on…I need to buy a new outfit! Ugh! I have nothing to wear!”


You gotta love South Asian culture. How Single Ladies Prep For an Indian Wedding is a funny (but realistic) look at all that comes with attending an Indian wedding. A few weeks in advance (at least) you’re thinking about what you’re going to wear. And you might even have to buy something new – which means planning even more in advance.

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