ProTip: 2 Officiants for 1 Wedding

South Asia is full of ancient traditions and cultures. As South Asian-Americans get married in the melting pots of the US, Canada, Aus, and other countries, we’re seeing more cross-culture weddings.

A Hindu priest performing a Hindu wedding ceremony.
Photo: HDE Video Concepts

This means twice the fun and twice the celebrations! It may also mean inviting two officiants to preside over the ceremony. One couple – a Telegu, Hindu bride and a North Indian, Hindu groom wanted to incorporate their respective traditions into the wedding ceremony. So they invited two officiants to carry out various parts of the ceremony. The ceremony was longer but both of their families were happy with it.

Pooja thali for the Grihshanti pooja the day before a Gujarati Hindu wedding ceremony
Photo: Lin and Jirsa

Since they’re both Hindu they had an easier time of meshing the two together. Otherwise lots of couples are doing two ceremonies. How lucky for those brides! They get to walk down the aisle twice!

Wedding Documentary Photo + Cinema

Cover Photo: Aaron Eye Photography
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