Wedding Rehearsals And Why South Asians Should Do Them

I’m not talking about a wedding rehearsal in the traditional way they’re done in Western weddings. ShaadiShop recommends doing a run through of your wedding events from the perspective of the different people who are going to be attending. Put yourself in their shoes. Would everyone know what they’re supposed to do, where to go?

What: Pretend you’re a guest and a vendor. 
1-3 months before
Why: Missed minor details will pop up
How: Put yourself in someone else’s shoes

If you hired a coordinator from day one of planning they’ll do this.  If not it’s worthwhile for you to do. 

If you were a guest
a. family – immediate + extended
b. wedding party
c. everyone else

If you were a vendor

If you were the venue manager

If you were a friend/family member with responsibilities during the weekend

Does everyone:
a. know where to go for each event? not just venues but locations within venues?
b. have all the info they need about attire, accommodations, timings, expectations
c. know about the arrangements – transportation, hotel rooms, hospitality rooms
d. have all the materials/items they need from you?
e. know who to contact if they have a question?

2. Think of the unexpected things these people might do, and plan for them.

i.e. a friend recently went to a wedding and the DJ played music when people’s speeches got long – like they do at the Oscars. Only he did that to the bride’s father too. Was that pre-decided? We don’t know. But the last thing you want is someone doing something, you don’t want.

You’ll be surprised by all the little missing details that come up!
This is the most worthwhile rehearsal you can do for your wedding!

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