The Groom Proposed with a Ring Pop!

ShaadiShop caught up with Ateet for the deets on How He Proposed to Reena

I proposed in Brooklyn as Reena loves the NYC and the skyline. We were on a scavenger hunt and halfway through with the help of the company, arranged a special clue – a riddle box – to be added.

Reena opened the clue box to find a ring pop inside. We have an inside joke as once I asked her whether she’d still marry me if I proposed with a ring pop. She responded, “only if it’s cherry flavor”. The challenge was that cherry flavored ring pops are out of distribution. But I found a company called and custom ordered them.

Along with the ring pop there was a message that said, “will you marry me?” and then I got down on one knee. She loved it! She was so happy.

Needless to say, we didn’t finish the scavenger hunt. Instead we went to celebrate at a beautiful restaurant in the Brooklyn Promenade. Only thing was – they require men to wear a suit or blazer. But it would’ve been awkward for me to wear a suit/blazer to the scavenger hunt. Reena would’ve known something was up. So I talked to the staff at the restaurant and they gave me a blazer when we got there. It was a great welcome as they had champagne on ice, ready-to-serve when we got there.

That day is one of our favorite memories.

Photo: StoryMotion Studios

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