Paying for Weddings with Credit Cards vs. Cash

A lot of merchants offer discounts if you pay with cash. For big ticket items, in particular, this can be very tempting. Our advice: when it comes to your wedding, if you can afford it, pay with credit card.

1. Credit cards have a paper trail.
2. Credit card companies protect consumers.

If you pay a deposit for a lehenga, venue, hair/makeup, decor etc. etc. with cash, and the company disappears, there’s not a whole lot you can do, other than try to track them down. When you pay with credit card, you can inform your credit card company and they will not only investigate but often refund your money.

That leads us to another important issue: put all payment info in writing. Make sure there’s a paper trail. If a dispute arises, your case will be much stronger if you have a complete history of what took place.

Ideally, you’re working with reputable companies and this won’t happen. But, things change fast – competition, trends, vendors’ costs.  Unfortunately, there are some unethical companies that will take deposits knowing that they’re never going to provide the services they promised.

Be smart and informed.


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